About the Artist

Around age 13, I discovered watercolors and was drawn to them.  My 8th grade teacher was encouraging, writing "You're good!"
on the back of my first painting.

I love the way the paints flow, sink into the paper, and can be manipulated in so many ways – both arriving at an exact point with a brush stroke, and bleeding into wet portions of the paper.  Of all types of paint, I love watercolor for its ability to be both bold and vibrant, and more subtle and minimalist.

I have studied watercolor painting at various schools, including the Art Academy of Cincinnati, CEMA, the State University for the Arts, in Morelos, Mexico and through private classes.  I am a member of La Sociedad Mexicana de Acuarelistas (The Mexican Society of Watercolorists).  My work has been displayed in exhibitions in Mexico and the United States, including at the 1305 Gallery, Red Tree Gallery, Art Works Gallery, and various restaurants and coffee shops.

In my painting, I find myself expressing a love of different cultures, travel and the resilience of the human spirit.  Some works are straightforward portraits of people I found charismatic; others are scenes that tell a story about someone's life experience or a social issue.   Many of the subjects of my paintings are people I met in various countries, scenes I witnessed, or inspired by themes in my work with mental health and immigrants.

A recent year of living in Perth, Australia allowed me a the gift of time to really pursue my love of painting.  Now back in the U.S., and returned to my career as a mental health provider, I continue to paint in my spare time.  I look forward to sharing these images with you and welcome your feedback!

A special thanks to Kumar for all his assistance in creating this website - k.r.e.

Below: a painting from junior high, and a painting two years later on the school lit magazine, 1992.

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